Mcculloch Robotic Lawn Mower Review [All Models Discussed]

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Mowing is considered by many to be one of the most boring and tiring routine household tasks. Several devices have now been invented and some manufactured products are available for mowing. Each invention has been modified over time to satisfy the needs of the users.

The invention of the robotic lawn mowers have been agreed to be one of the best advancement to technology.

The s- series models are slightly newer than the R- series of the McCulloch robot lawn mowers. They aren’t so far apart from each other when it comes to hi-tech solutions.

The McCulloch is a brand within the Husqvarna group. The Husqvarna products are known to be the one of the best machinery on the market. The Husqvarna/ McCulloch are reliable, quality, and durable products.

This McCulloch robotic lawnmower reviews focuses on S- series models, the features, product specifications and others.

It can be operated in semi-autonomous and full autonomous mode with minimized running cost, no health hazard on the operator and it does not have any effect on the environment.

The prototype was tested and it shows lawns can be cut whilst eliminating exposure of users to unhealthy conditions.

Mcculloch Robotic Lawn mower Review

What the McCulloch robotic lawnmower does not feature

  • It doesn’t have cloud computing artificial intelligence system.
  • It doesn’t have sophisticated technologies and a GPS system
  • It doesn’t automatically schedule mowing times based on the grass growth rate and weather conditions
  • It doesn’t use Wi-Fi connection

What the McCulloch robotic lawnmower features  

  • It gets the job done
  • It has the essentials for safety, security and more advanced features like inaccessible zone coverage, cut to edge and energy saving mode, along with a few others like that
  • It features a remote control, which is limited to Bluetooth connection.


  • The mower works fine when it’s raining but there is no sensor in the McCulloch mowers
  • A perimeter wire needs to be installed to keep the mower from moving out.

The mowers to be reviewed in the s- series are: McCulloch Rob S400, McCulloch Rob R600, McCulloch Rob S600, and McCulloch Rob R1000.

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Mcculloch Robotic Lawn Mower Review

  • McCulloch rob S400.

The s400 is built for 400m² (0.1 acre) where the slopes steeper than 19.3° (35%). An automatic robotic lawn mower uses an 18 V 2.0 Li-ion rechargeable battery running on electric power.

It mulches grass and mows in a random pattern using 3 pivoting razor like blades attached to a rotating disc that comprises of the cutting system.

The McCulloch robotic lawnmower moves quietly (up to a57 dB) and maintains your lawn at a cutting height of 20-50 mm (0.8” to 1.97”)

The dimensions of the S400 is 55cm X 38cm X 23cm/ 21.65” X 14.96” X 9.06” (length x width x height) and weighs 7.3kg/ 16.09 ibs.

The Rob S400 features tilt, lift, and collision sensors, Bluetooth connection. It saves energy, covers inaccessible zones and cuts closer to the edge.

The machine is time saving and gives more time to focus on other tasks.


  • easy, realistic and efficient
  • the mower is affordable
  • a beautifully mowed lawn
  • power saving rechargeable battery


  • Remote control with Bluetooth instead of Wi-Fi.

Features of the McCulloch S400

  • Autonomous charging and mowing
  • Low running costs
  • Manual control panel
  • Remote control with app
  • Alert messages
  • Avoid house collision function
  • Collision sensor
  • Emergency stop button
  • Tilt sensor
  • Time lock function
  • Pin code
  • Alarm and others

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  • McCulloch Rob R600

The R600 is designed for lawns up to 600m² (0.148 ac) that has up to 14° (25%) slopes. It is also an autonomous robotic lawnmower that uses 18 V 2.1 ah Li-ion rechargeable battery running on electric power. It mows in an irregular pattern with three-pivoting razor like blades for a cutting system. The mower moves quietly up to 59dB and the cutting height is 20- 50 mm.

The dimensions of the McCulloch robotic lawnmowers are 60 cm x 44 cm x 26cm/ 23.6” x 17.3” x 10.2” (length x width x height) and weighs 7kg/ 15.4 IBS.

Pros, cons and features of the R600

The pros and cons of the McCulloch robotic lawnmower Rob R600 are similar to that of the Rob S400.

  • McCulloch Rob S600

The S600 is designed for lawns of 600m² in size and slopes that are not more than 19.3” or 35% steep.

An autonomous mower using 18 V 2.0 ah Li-ion rechargeable battery that runs on electric power.

It also mulches grasses in a random pattern with a cutting system that consists of three pivoting razor like blades. The mower works quietly up to 57dB and maintains your lawn at a cutting height of 20-50 mm.

The dimensions of the S600 measures 55cm x 38cm x23cm/ 21,65” x 14.96” x 9.06 ( length x width x height) and weighs 7.3 kg/ 16.09 ibs

Like the S400 and the R600, the pros, and features are the same.

  •  McCulloch Rob R1000

The R1000 is designed for1000m² sized lawns and is able to handle slopes up to 14° that is, 25 percent steep.

It is an autonomous robotic lawnmower using a 18 V 2.0 Ah lithium-ion rechargeable battery running on electric power.

The cutting system consists of 3 pivoting razor blades and mows in an irregular pattern. The mower also operates quietly up to 59dB and maintains your lawn at a cutting height of 20-50 mm.

The dimensions of the R100 measures 60cm (L) x 44 cm (W) x 26 cm (H)/ 23.6” x 17.3” x 10.2” and weighs 7kg or 15.4 ibs.


The McCulloch robotic lawn mowers are exotic and time saving machinery, which handles extravagantly large lawn areas for more than the cost. It has a superior cutting system to other products in its class. Manufactured by one of the best mower companies, you can be assured of nothing short of the best.

Asides the flaws, the mowers are a must have for lawn lovers.



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