Husqvarna Yth18542 Reviews- Best Riding Mower?

Having a lawnmower is every lawn lover’s dream come through. There’s a sense of satisfaction that comes with having your desired lawn beautifully mowed, making you the envy of your neighbors.

The Husqvarna yth18542 automower is a consumer- grade lawnmower that exhumes professionalism. It helps you give your lawn a professional touch. It is small, easy to operate, and makes lawn mowing less of a chore. 

This Husqvarna yth 18542 automower review focuses on the features, benefits, and flaws, comparing the benefits and the flaws and how the machine works.

Husqvarna Yth18542 Reviews You Should Know

Product specification

Motor/ engine manufacturer: Briggs and strattson

Power output: 18.5 hp

Transmission type: hydrostatic

Cutting width: 42 inches

Price: $1699.99

Key features

  • Pedal operated hydrostatic transmission: the speed and direction in which you want your lawn tractor going are managed by pedals, which lets you keep your hands on the steering wheel for driving control.
  • Cutting deck: the stamped cutting deck is reinforced with heavy flat-stock steel, which adds strength and durability to the leading edge and trim side.
  • An adjustable sliding seat: the lawn tractor has an adjustable seat which can be moved forward or backwards to aid the operator’s position.
  • 42 inch stamped steel deck
  • air cooled 18.5 Briggs and Stratton intek single-cylinder engine
  • Advanced debris management, which deflates and ejects debris from the engine moving parts.
  • A smooth and comfort filled ride due to the advanced vibration system technology.

Engine type

The yth 18542 automower comes with a 2- cylinder Kawasaki engine, an automatic drive system, and an electric PTO. It includes a comfortable high back seat and a washout port. The engine is from the Briggs and strattson company. The fuel tank contains 2.5 gallons of fuel.

However, the machine consumes fuel, so the mower is best used with a full tank.

Compared to the workload the mower goes through, the engine power is more than capable to power through. It is practical, durable, and powerful.

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Drive control

The lawn tractor has a pedal-operated hydrostatic transmission system which allows you to keep both hands on the steering wheel while adjusting speed and direction with the foot pedals.

The gauges and controls are easily accessible from the driver’s seat. This simply means you can make the patterns you desire while keeping your lawn beautiful.


The machine is very easy to use. The speed and acceleration are automatically adjusted, and all you have to do is control the hydrostatic acceleration with pedals and direct the machine with the steering. Easy right??

The transmission also is fully automatic. All you have to do is to properly time the transmission.

Gas and oil filler location

The gas and oil filler is located in front of the machine. The gas tank capacity is 2.5 gallons.

Air filler

The technology of the Husqvarna yth 18542 automower is one with an enhanced air induction. This leads to a smoother and more consistent cut. The cutting deck is made of flat stock steel, which is a perfect material for withstanding the tears and wears that stand in the way of its cleaning.

Cutting width

The lawn tractor has a blade of 42 inches, which is double the cutting width of a push mower. It uses a couple of stamped steel blades on the deck. An advantage of this feature is that you don’t have to ride repeatedly to clean the lawn.

Blade brake clutch

The lawnmower comes with a foot blade brake clutch. The fun part of this automower is that you drive it like a car. Your hand controls the steering, which in turn controls the direction of the lawnmower, and your foot controls the pedals, which in turn controls the blade brake.

Sounds like fun. For the stripes lovers, you can create amazing patterns, although that requires a whole lot of patience.

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Wash out fittings

The cutting width, as earlier stated, has 13 gauged stamped steel on the deck. These come with washout ports, which makes the maintenance of the lawnmower easy as you don’t have to worry about the grass getting into the engine. These washout ports are designed to easily clean out immediately after use.


The design of the yth 18542 is safety conscious. The seat is adjustable, and there’s a safety switch under the seat, which is meant to turn the machine off when necessary. This is a welcome feature for occasions when the mower is about to get out of control.

Husqvarna Yth18542 Reviews

Garden complexity

The mower cannot be used for complex gardens or large gardens. It is efficient on lands which are less than two acres. If you have a lawn bigger than this and the mower is not the best option for you.


The machine requires low maintenance. You can clean the lawn tractor in two ways. One, if you have a garden hose handy, you can use the deck wash port to rinse away stray clippings, debris, mud, and dirt. Two, you can turn the engine off, hook the garden hose to your mower, turn the engine on and start the blade.


  • small and easy to maneuver
  • an adjustable seat and control for the user’s comfort
  • a robust 42- inch cutting deck
  • the yth18542 is suitable for home users
  • The machine is automatic and transmits fast.
  • It is durable and requires low maintenance.
  • energy efficient engine with an 18.5 H power
  • The cutting height can be easily adjustable.
  • It is safe to operate and has an easy to access turn on the switch.


  • a small fuel tank
  • It is not suitable for large estates.
  • it doesn’t come with great cruise control
  • it is too small for a riding mower
  • it moves awkwardly on small lawns


The Husqvarna YTH 18542 Automower benefits outweigh the flaws. I mean, the mower works efficiently for a machine of its size and class. It is compact, maneuverable, and easy to store. It also has a great engine and several accessories that make the lawn tractor beneficial. However, if you have a big or sloppy lawn, this machine is not for you.

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