Flymo Robot Mower Review – My Experience

Robotic lawn mowers are a highly welcome improvement in technology. One added benefits is that it makes life easier. Robotic mowers are ideal for those who want to spend less time mowing their lawn and more time relaxing, doing things you love. This Flymo robotic mower review will attempt to answer your questions on the specifications, features, benefits, and flaws, amongst others. Let us dive in.

The Flymo Easilife robotic lawnmower mows in an irregular pattern making sure every corner of the lawn is cut.

Flymo Robot Mower Review

Costs of running a Flymo robot mower

One inevitable cost of owning a lawnmower is the cost of power used to run the lawn mower. This is because robotic mowers are cordless and they use battery to function. These batteries need charging regularly. Due to the nature of the mowers, the mower automatically returns to its charging station when its battery is running low.

The maintenance of the Flymo robotic mower is another cost. The mower blades need to be replaced quarterly when cutting lawns greater than 300m2. The blades are to be changed less frequently when used on lawns smaller than this.

The longevity of the blades is also dependent on the type of soil and grass of your lawn.

Today’s review will focus on four robotic mowers from Flymo; Flymo 1200R, Flymo Easilife 200, Flymo Easilife 350 and the Flymo Easilife 500.

  •  Flymo 1200R

Price: €499.99

Features of the 1200R

  • This Flymo robot mower works in random patterns, thereby covering all garden shapes. The disadvantage of this feature is that the mower does not created stripes due to its automatic random patterning.
  • It is installed easily: The mower is designed for easy self-installation. There is a boundary wire designed to keep the mower from straying out of the garden.
  • The mower mulches and mows grasses without any active human intervention.
  • The Flymo robot mower 1200R is ideal for slopes up to a gradient of 25%.
  • Due to the nature of the mower, it charges automatically when the battery is low.
  • The mower is equipped with a highly sensitive sensor and stop button.

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Product specifications

Alarm: yes

Battery: 18

Battery capacity: 1.6

Battery type: Li-ion

Boundary wire: 150

Cutting height(S): 2.0-5.0

Cutting width: 17

Information panel: LCD lights with setting menu

Pegs Qty: 200

PIN code: yes

Power type: battery

Product weight (kg): 7.4

Sound power level: 58

Software update: yes


Product width (cm): 26

Product length (cm): 59

Product height (cm): 44

  • Easilife 200

Price: €649.99

The Flymo Easilife is a battery powered automatic lawnmower that gives you a neat lawn with little or no effort.


  • The Flymo robot mower mows every corner of the lawn and does not exceed the boundaries set due to the guide wires.
  • The charger of the lawn mower can be placed at any position on the lawn and the mower automatically goes to the port to charge when the battery is low.
  • The lawn sense mechanically optimizes the cutting plan to the climate and lawn growth conditions, and it detects when it is too chilly to function – this prevents any damage to both the lawn and the mower.
  • The programming of the mower is simple. To program the mower, all you have to do is: 1. Choose the lawn size 2. Select the mowing days 3. Select the start time. The mower automatically calculates the perfect schedule and functions accordingly.
  • Apart from the ease of use and the manual programming, the mower can also be programmed from the Easilife app from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Researchers have proven that regular mowing and mulching returns fine grass clippings back into the lawn, which in turn serves as natural fertilizers. This way, you have a beautiful lawn, which makes you the envy of your neighbors.
  • In terms of security, the Easilife 200 has a security pin, which prevents unwanted access to the mower. The pin is backed up by Flymo customer support and it can be recovered if forgotten.
  • The mower easily fits into your lifestyle due to its special function, such as, spot cut, override, second area, or park.

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flymo robot mower review

Product specifications

App connected: yes

Blade type: three pivoting blades

Boundary wire (m): 100

Cutting height (cm): 2- 5

Cutting width (cm): 16

Information panel: LCD display with settings menu

Made in UK: yes

Pegs qty: 150

Pin code: yes

Product weight: 7.3kg

Sound power level: 58


Product width: 38 cm

Product length: 55 cm

Product height: 23 cm

  • Easilife 500

Price: €749.99

The Flymo robot mower  Easilife 500 is just like the Easilife 200. The differences of the machines are in the prices, pegs Qty and the boundary price.

The price is stated in the heading above, the pegs Qty is 200, unlike the Easilife 200, whose pegs Qty is 150 and the boundary wire of the Easilife 500 is 150, while that of the 200 is 100m.

Aside from this difference in the features, the two machines are similar.

  • Easilife 350 

Price: €649.99

Just like the Easilife 500 and 200, the machine features are the same with differences in price, pegs qty and boundary price.

Pegs qty: 150

Boundary wire: 100

Benefits of the Flymo robotic lawn mower

  • Convenience: once installed, the Flymo robot lawn mower cuts your grass automatically without any active human interference. You have lots of time to yourself and that time can be used in doing other things while your auto lawn mower does your lawn for you.
  • Healthy lawn: as earlier said, the grass clippings serves as a source of natural manure. This enriches the soil thereby producing healthy grasses and automatically a healthy lawn.
  • Safety: robotic lawn mowers use tiny blades unlike the traditional lawn mowers with large blades. The Flymo robot mowers are no exceptions, the blades are enclosed under the mower and have sensors that detects when they are lifted. These sensors cause the blades to stop automatically. When not in use, the mowers stay in the dock at the edge of the lawn.
  • Maintenance: the mower blades don’t need occasional maintenance. The battery lasts well and the blades are inexpensive.
  • The Flymo robotic mower is environment friendly, as it does not pollute the environment with fumes or exhaust.

Conclusion of the Flymo robot mower review,

The Flymo robotic mower is one of the best in the market and it gives you more freedom for yourself. I hope this review answers some of your questions about the Flymo robotic mowers.




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