About Us

The folks over here at My Best Weed Killer are just some regular people who happen to like working on our lawns ourselves – no outsourcing here. To help us in our journey for that perfect lawn and majestic landscape we use only the best (and most powerful!) tools on the market. That passion kind of spilled over into this project because we realized we knew too much about these products, and everyone else knew too little. So here we have brought you reviews of the most sought-after weed eaters on the market.

A few things about our string trimmer reviews and the why’s and how’s so you understand our method:

We use many sources to determine which weed eaters to bring you in our reviews including online home improvement stores, Amazon, eBay, local magazines, and industry publications. What we offer is the real deal.

We directly link each review to the corresponding string trimmer’s Amazon page. Why? Because it conveniently allows you to purchase the product from one of the most reliable players in the internet world with easy returns (it’s Amazon, we don’t need to explain further, do we…?). We price shopped extensively before launching this site, Amazon was the cheapest on pretty much every product. Also, we buy our products from Amazon (can you say Prime member!?). And finally in the spirit of full disclosure Amazon has a great affiliate program which means if you like the product and want to buy it and use our link we will get a small commission. Hopefully it will be enough to break even on our hosting fees!
We haven’t hand-tested all of these products. Quite simply we don’t have enough lawns to test them on. We do however pull our information from multiple reliable sources including direct consumers and professionals. The reviews are legit and the sources vetted.
That’s it, that’s us! Have questions? Problems? Think we suck? Think we rock? Let us know!

Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer:

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